Tribute to beauty queens

Hibiscus Queen 2014 Nanise Rainima will be one of the models at the fashion show. Picture: SUPPLIED

Paying a tribute to former Hibiscus Queens appeared as an obvious component of the evolution of Fiji Fashion Show.

The organising committee started looking for them with the idea to have at least one beauty queen per decade.

Because of a hectic world situation, many won’t be able to attend the show on November 7 but, the committee is happy to have invited some of them.

Among our guests, we are fortunate enough to count the first Hibiscus Queen, Ms Liebling Marlow who won the title in 1956.

Ms Marlow had also the kindness to share some of her pictures and a beautiful painting.

Winners of 1976 and 1981 will also be represented respectively, Ms Josephine St Julian Sau and Ms Loretta Jackson.

Both of them also treasured memories of that time: photo albums, outfits and even the winning scarf.

But Hibiscus Queen contest is not only about the past; as is the evolution of Fiji Fashion Show will also be.

It is about how memories and heritage feed the present and shape the future of Fiji.

To illustrate this, our third segment will showcase the work of 10 contemporary designers.

And to link everything together, the Beautiful Nanise, Hibiscus Queen 2014, will be one of the models of that third segment.

Fashion as life itself is definitely a constant cycle.

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