Pet corner: Some dogs require more attention

Grooming for being a happy and healthy companion. Picture: SUPPLIED

Some dogs require more care and attention to skin and hair than others.

Take the Maltese for example.

If you have one of this breed or are planning to get one, keep in mind the requirement for consistent and regular grooming. is one of the dozens of sites dedicated to helping people keep their small white dogs with a well-groomed coat.

No grooming is not an option.

Well, it should not be.

This group of photos is from a severely matted and neglected dog apparently found roaming on the streets.

That is what the severely matted coat looks like as it is being clipped gently from the skin with dog grooming clippers.

The only way to take mats, especially ones as severe as this, is with clipping very close to the skin.

As the neglect continues, the mat will consume the ear and lead to a severe and deep ear infection.

Nature provides for her own, and in so doing provides for us as well, whether we care to know this or not.

Dogs are one of those creatures humankind has exploited for its own multifaceted and often misguided purposes.

We have a duty, an obligation, to limit the population of dogs to those which are going to be cared for properly.

Rampant reproduction is a failure of this.

Neglect of those animals purposely bred is a failure of this.

As for the Maltese breed, reading the AKC website is quite enticing, however, as with all dog breeds, it is important to know how to care for them properly.

Email SPCA and request a copy of dog health care guidelines which has a section on grooming for all dogs.

Dogs are entertaining companions, faithful to us – we should care for them in the manner their loyalty deserves.

If you were wondering about what happened to the little matted dog.

  • JO OLVER is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with SPCA Fiji Islands. The views expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the views of this newspaper.

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