Opposition MP lauds minister

Opposition member of Parliament Anare Jale speaking in parliament. Picture: PARLIAMENT OF FIJI

Opposition member of Parliament Anare Jale lauded Infrastructure Minister Jone Usamate for separating the allocations for groundwater assessment and development in the 2022-2023 budget.

During discussion on the individual budgetary allocations last Friday in Parliament, Mr Jale asked Mr Usamate to explain why there were two allocations — $760,000 for small islands and $2 million for large islands.

Mr Usamate said it was to ensure they did not spend all the funds on larger islands and forget about the smaller islands. When asked to clarify what constituted a small or large island, Mr Usamate said Viti Levu and Vanua Levu were classified as large islands and all the others were small islands.

“I really like the way it is done because it is exactly the reason why some of these places in Fiji were neglected in the past,” Mr Jale said.

“When you lump the allocations together, small islands seem to be forgotten.

“I think this was a good move because you really separated the two and the small islands will not miss out. That is my comment, thank you very much for that.”

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