Lata to stand for NFP in 2022 General Elections.

Ansu Vikashni Lata a candidate for National Federation Party for the upcoming General Election.Picture:Supplied

NATIONAL Federation Party 2022 General Election candidate Ansu Lata claims Fiji has lost respect in the international community.

She said she decided to contest the polls this year because she felt it was time for the issue to be rectified through a change of leadership and Government.

“I intend to be a driving force behind that change,” she said.

“I will be a loyal and fierce advocate for each and every Fijian citizen, their fundamental democratic and human rights, and law and order.

“I will also be an influential player behind the change that is required in our country to repair the damage caused by the current government.”

With her credentials and experience, Ms Lata said she believed she was worthy to be part of the NFP team in Parliament and will effectively contribute to the critical decision-making process.

Originally of Labasa, Ms Lata will be contesting for the third time and believes it will be different this year..

“The main issues I am committed to addressing are eliminating gender disparity or inequality, ending domestic violence, raising the quality of education and training for every citizen, promotion of healthy living and access to quality medical services and infrastructure, the right to a safe living environment,” she said.

“Each and every citizen is concerned by these issues, one way or another, and they are entitled to have their grievances addressed.

“I will stand for the change that is urgently needed by our nation. I intend to be a strong and rational voice for women, underprivileged people, our youth, small businesses, students and those affected by health problems.”

She said NFP has always been at the forefront of the development of Fiji and they could set this nation free, putting it on the course of rebuilding and reuniting itself.

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