Kuridrani: ‘Fiji’s grassroots people struggling’

Opposition MP, Inosi Kuridrani outside Parliament. Picture: PARLIAMENT OF FIJI

Fiji’s grassroots people are struggling but Government ministers and assistant ministers will say we are lying, says Opposition parliamentarian Inosi Kuridrani.

Speaking in Parliament last week, he said Fiji’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita income has declined from $12,000 in 2018 to $9000 in 2020 because of reduction of revenue and increase of debt.

“What does that indicate? A low GDP per capita indicates a country is struggling to supply its citizens with basic needs,” he said.

“This is what the grassroots people are facing today.

“People are struggling and unfortunately, this minister and the assistant ministers will say that we are lying because they are the members of this rich community.”

In response, Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said Mr Kuridrani “went on” about debt per capita after he had “completely explained that”.

“That debt per capita of Australia is higher than Sri Lanka — is he saying that therefore Australia is a failed economy?” he said.

“The debt per capita of Sudan is less than Australia — does he say that Sudan has a great economy?

“He said that the GDP had declined, therefore debt to GDP had declined.

“Yes of course GDP declined. We had the borders shut down, economic contractions of 17.4 per cent — which we actually admitted to and that is what it was.”

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