Headmen told to improve services

Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Training Manager Joji Banuve with garland with invited guest cutting the cake during the launching of the Give Clean Water Naitasiri Project at the Naitasiri Provincial Council in Vunidawa. Picture: ATU RASEA

Village headmen and district representatives of the province of Naitasiri were reminded to improve on serving villagers better.

Manager Training for iTaukei Affairs Ministry Joji Banuve while officiating at the Give Clean Water Naitasiri Project at Vunidawa Village on Friday said they had found out some were not doing their duties well.

“We plead to village headmen and district representatives if you could improve on serving the villages to another level,” he said.

“This is a new journey we are in and expect changes to take place.

“And because of these changes, we need to re-look at our thinking.

“So if you are not performing your duty as a village headman I plead with you, now is the time to change your ways and serve better.”

Mr Banuve reiterated the need for refraining from comparing past administrations with the new government.

“To all of you village headmen and district representative, we also have roles to play in government policies and no matter which government comes in place, we are the ones who will serve them.

“The past government has finished their term and now we have a new government to lead us.

“Let us serve to the best of our abilities so that Fijians can live a better life.”

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