Frontliners provided mental health screening.

Empower Pacific. Picture: File.

AS many as 462 staff members and front liners from the Health Ministry were provided mental health screening and psychosocial support by local counselling and social services NGO, Empower Pacific, at the height of the pandemic.

Exposure to daily stressors may have led to negative mental health conditions of Fijian health care workers, states Empower Pacific in its 2021 annual report.

The report noted that it was utterly clear that working in a healthcare facility during the pandemic was very stressful for health care workers who provided care for patients and quarantined guests.

Bundled with high risks of being infected, the report noted that their self-care was gravely compromised and Empower Pacific provided counselling support to frontline workers so health workers could adopt a positive mindset and be able to manage their well-being while they continued to provide for their patients and their own families.

Tele-counselling outlined was provided to Health Ministry’s staff COVID-19 patients and people in quarantine centres.

“964 individuals in quarantine and home isolation were also provided mental health and wellness screening,” the report read.

“Staff offered tele-counselling support to help quarantine guests adapt to the quarantine setting and helped them feel relaxed.

“Psycho-education was additionally provided to staff and guests about mental health and COVID stigma.”

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