Financial inclusion and literacy for staff

Fiji Gateway Hotel staff after their MoneyMinded training. Picture: Supplied.

FOR the first time, as part of its staff financial inclusion and literacy program, Fiji Gateway Hotel partnered with the Reserve Bank of Fiji to provide the much-needed awareness training to its staff members.

According to Tourism Fiji some of the areas the training covered include planning and budgeting, the importance of saving and how to inculcate the habits of savings for a sustainable livelihood.

“We will continue to support financial literacy because we know that it is investing in our people which is important,” said Lusi Kamanalagi, Hotel manager for Fiji Gateway.

According to the hotel manager with basic understanding and knowledge of financial management concepts, it will certainly contribute to positive changes in peoples’ lives.

It was also highlighted that the training content included MoneyMinded modules, due to its effectiveness in improving financial wellbeing – meaning ability to meet financial commitments, feel financially comfortable to cope with unexpected shocks and events.

According to the information provided by the resort, the RBF emphasised that the financial literacy programs should be designed to translate into meaningful usage that leave participants with practical actions to implement post workshop.

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