Letters to the Editor – Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Members of the Fijiana 7s team take selfies after winning silver at the Commonwealth Games in England yesterday. Picture: ROHIT DEO

Victory through hard work

Congrats to our boys and girls for the silvers.

It’s not always about going big.

Our players have made us proud on many occasions including now.

Our players have put us on the map.

Big or small — victory is there and that’s only possible through hard work.


May God bless them.

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

Gutsy Fijiana wins hearts!

After writing a beautiful piece of history in Tokyo, the Fijiana went one step up, winning silver medal in Birmingham during the Commonwealth Games 7s competition.

When the Fijiana rattled the Black Ferns in Tokyo, the girls made a massive statement thanks to the efforts of FRU and the team management — Saiasi Fuli, Vela Naucukidi, Timoci Volavola and Tikiko Namaua.

The rise of the Fijiana saw the side win back-to-back silver medals in Dubai in the opening leg of the HSBC WRSS and silver medal on Monday in Birmingham.

The Fijiana thumped Australia 19-12 in pool play, but the Aussies bounced back in style to take the gas and steam out of our girls, winning their first Commonwealth Games 7s gold medal.

In 2018 in pool play, the Fijiana lost to England 17-5 and Australia 17-10, but beat Wales 29-7.

The side walloped South Africa 40-12 and Kenya 40-5 to settle for fifth place.

From fifth place to second place this year- shows the strides the side has taken to reach this far.

Congratulations FRU, Fuli and his coaching brigade and our ladies for doing Fiji so proud — bronze in the Olympics and silver in the Commonwealth Games!

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Daily water cuts

It’s a shame that a large part of the Nausori area is faced with daily water cuts that is nothing less than rationing.

It’s a shame that the water from the Rewa River is pumped into Suva while residents of Nausori have their taps dry.

It’s a shame that the so-called boom is measured by the Government in dollars and percentages while the ordinary citizen is counting the number of times the tap becomes a useless accessory in the kitchen.

So should we call ourselves a developing nation or a third-world country?

Kiran Khatri, Samabula, Suva

Sports academy

In sports one can control the preparation part but the result is not under one’s control.

Sports is unpredictable especially the outcome.

In my 40 so years in sports, the biggest challenge I face is discipline.

Discipline is a mental thing and can be managed with effective planning and strategies.

It is time a sports academy or institute is established in our sporting country.

The result will be incredible.

Just my thoughts.

Asish Vinay Prasad, Park Rd, Raiwasa, Suva

Cash assistance

In his budget address, the Minister for Economy, while announcing one dollar a day cash assistance per child alluded to the difference it would make for them.

He said: “Mr Speaker Sir, that bump makes a big difference. It can mean the difference between a fish head and a full fish. It can be the difference between a full chicken or a soup pack. It is the difference between fresh fruit or no fruit at all. It is the difference between nutrition or unhealthy snacks”.

Is that an admission that the families with a household income of less than $50,000 are struggling to afford a decent meal?

If they are feeling the pinch, then what about those with earnings below $20,000.

How they must be surviving on their meagre income?

Don’t they deserve more assistance?

But if nobody is suffering in Fiji as claimed by one of our ministers, then what was the need for this support.


Rope-a-dope tactic

Thank you Tahir Ali for your letter.

You did not get what I wrote in my letter “A-G takes a swipe at the Times”.

Let me explain, the A-G is the flyweight trying to knockout The Fiji Times (a real heavyweight) with his extra light flyweight punches.

What I suggested to the Times is to do a Ali rope-a-dope and let the A-G tire himself out.

Rope-a-dope is a tactic which Muhammad Ali used on other heavyweights to tire them out.

For more clarification just ring me on 8366731.

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Management contract

The issue of Fiji Airways being given a management contract to manage Fiji Airports Ltd (FAL) is not going to die any time soon.

Most recently (FT 2/8), the CEO of ASPA, which represents Association of the South Pacific Airlines, has asked Government to name those states where their national carriers were also managing airports.

I don’t think Government will find any, especially in the Asia-Pacific region but let’s wait for the list since the Government always springs up with explanations of sorts.

I would go further and request Government to list all those individuals and organisations, who provided consultancy and apparently supported the management contract.

I am curious to know whether these sort of contracts require a public tender or expression of interest (EOI) to be called or is the tender requirement waived since both entities have government interest in them.

Ajai Kumar, Nadi

Gold medal

Though no sporting team ever wins everything, I think the elusive Commonwealth 7s gold medal is turning into an exclusive gold medal for Fiji.

Mohammed Imraz Janif, Natabua, Lautoka

Price of tea

Last week I had a cup of “masala chai” for $3 and the other day it cost $3.50.

I am wondering when did the price of the ingredients go up to raise the cost, 50 cents a cup?

M. Abid, Lautoka

Sewage problem

Lautoka City has the biggest problems with sewage overflowing freely from last week.

On Sunday a major pipe burst, causing overflowing raw sewage on the streets.

Water Authority better wake up before diseases caused by this kind of spillage affects us residents.

Tasha Becks, Simla, Lautoka

Medal remunerations

If Government or FASANOC is going to remunerate our nationals who bring any medals for our country which they should do, my only hope and plea that they are remunerated accordingly and equally and not based on their gender?

Congratulations again to our marama and turaga 7s rugby teams for your silver medal achievements.

Jioji Masivesi Cakacaka, Supporter – Fiji rugby, Tadra-Votualevu, Nadi

Single parent

IN today’s world, single parent is not a common word around.

We see children raised by mothers, fathers, or even grandparents raising their grandchildren.

They give their best in caring for their children, keeping up with their jobs, bills, household expenses, household chores, and most importantly meeting their child’s school needs.

I salute those parents who cover their sadness with a smile so that their child can have a good education.

We, teachers, praise your efforts and will walk together on this journey.

Surely, one day you will reap your harvest.

May God bless all the parents of the Fiji Islands.


Amazing revelation

Indeed, that no journalist was ever thrown in jail in the past 16 years, I believe, is an amazing revelation of the ruling regime’s iron-grip control of the press in Fiji.

Samu Railoa, Nadi

Electric cars

I have seen many hybrid cars on Fiji roads but not one 100 per cent EV, like I drive in New Zealand.

Fiji has the perfect coastal route for a wholly emission — free taxi service from Nadi to Suva being about 200km and within the range of a single charge of most modern electric cars.

Some EVs are now achieving ranges of 400 to 650 kilometres per charge.

Maybe the leaders of Fiji can set the trend away from their fossil-fuel- guzzling SUVs I saw parked at Parliament and get a good deal from one of the top EV manufacturers to provide government with fully electric and emission-free vehicles?

Fiji could then better preach to the world about climate change, in the Pacific, rising temperatures and sea levels by doing its bit to curb fossil fuel use here?

Setting up some solar-powered charging stations is the key to driving bliss and total reduction in oil imports.

Besides hydropower Fiji has plenty of sun hitting its surface every second to power all future cars here.

Lako mai!

Robin Jones,. Visiting tourist Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

National recognition

I move, with utmost care, respect and national pride, as your proud kai Nadi, our very own Republic of Fiji Military Forces and Fiji Police Force bands be on hand to meet and greet our women and men’s 7s rugby teams on their arrival from the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Fiji must celebrate these silver medal wins by our women and men.

They inspire newer generation of youngsters.

Thank you both teams for winning silver medals for Fiji.

We were worthy finalists.

On the day, we were outplayed by Australian women and South African men’s teams.

Nevertheless, second best is as good as the best.

Historical sporting achievements on the international stage, must be given due national recognition.

We will improve and prove to be better in time.

Commonwealth Games gold medal remains elusive, as ever.

Ronnie Chang, Martintar, Nadi

Be happy with the silver

I am sure many Mickey Mouse 7s fans are disappointed Fiji missed out on the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

There will be endless letters saying why they lost and what they should and should not have done etc.

I am bracing myself to be bored shirtless.

But after all is said and done, I reckon they perhaps did not pray hard enough.

I mean, isn’t everything in Fiji dependent on divine intervention?

With all the public display of faith on the field, it must be disappointing that the non-believers won.

Or perhaps the winners are believers and Fiji was discarded because of I don’t know what.

I guess in the end the whole thing has nothing to do with prayers, after all.

I have suggested in the past and I still suggest today — keep the faith private, we and the rest of the world are not interested in your faith.

I believe it is all a little pretentious as we all know the reality on the ground is completely different.

The rest of the world does not say it in case they offend you, but with me you all know, I say it as it is.

At least be happy with the silver.

And when will FRU make the game diverse and inclusive?

Is it too hard or do they want me to come and fix it?

Jan Nissar, NSW, Australia

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