2749 questions asked in Parliament

Parliament sitting. Picture: FT FILE

A total of 2749 questions were asked in Parliament between 2017 and 2018, states Parliament of Fiji’s annual report for that year that was tabled in Parliament on Friday.

The report states included in the total questions asked were 153 oral questions, 543 supplementary questions and 53 written questions.

“In terms of impact, question time and budget scrutiny provided effective oversight of the executive and allowed for responsive governance as questions were answered and information clarified in the process,” states the annual report.

“Following the resumption of Parliament in 2014, a gradual increase in the number of questions in the House was observed largely due to the familiarisation of members of Parliament on their roles.”

The report stated there were 30 Parliament sittings in that reporting period.

“There were fewer sittings in 2018, given that this was an election year with the four-year term of Parliament drawing to an end.”

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